Outcast Academy
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V. The Team

The Team

This school is built by a doxxed team of entertainment veterans and — let’s be honest — fucking legends. Maybe you heard that Gary Vaynerchuk was getting into Solana projects. Well, you heard right. Our backers include:
Our team may look like friendly anons but...
We’ve been successfully reinventing entertainment for years.
  • 2016: Created world’s 1st interactive murder mystery series, backed by Ron Howard & Brian Grazer, won Caucus Television / New Media Award
  • 2018: Wrote & produced immersive fiction app, generating $1 Million in 6 months from a single story
  • 2021: Built 1st IP universe on TikTok with half a billion views, articles in TechCrunch & beyond

Solana Street Cred

  • Our collection is fully hand-drawn by Solana rising star Shady Lady NFT.
  • Our devs include the builders of Wobblebug + Feeble Labs.
  • Our Faculty Board is filled with many of the most infamous influencers and shit-posters in Solana, including Fxnction & Ooga Dojo.

Distribution of Mint

Proceeds will be invested back into the project, expanding the $DRAMA ecosystem, adding more value & utilities for Outcast Academy holders, and producing entertainment that will serve all of Solana.
  • 15% - Art (Base Collection + Upgrades)
  • 20% - Expanding Team & Advisors
  • 25% - DAO Treasury (i.e. Creator Launchpad, Bounties, Airdrops, Raffles)
  • 40% - Product Development & Entertainment Production