Outcast Academy

IV. Roadmap


Anyone can earn $DRAMA, but only Outcast Academy holders will have access to our 1st utility.

Utility - Part I

Race for Rarity: Every Outcast NFT begins as a COMMON. In high school, we all begin as blank slates. Only through hard work or fucking around — do we gain our reputations. Accumulating enough $DRAMA allows you to upgrade to an Uncommon, Rare, & Legendary.

The race is on!

There are a limited # of uncommon, rare, and legendary traits to claim. That means — it’s a race to upgrade your NFT.
  • Common: 5,000 spots
  • Uncommon: 1,500 spots
  • Rare: 750 spots
  • Legendary: 250 spots
An example of an upgraded Outcast - from Common to Legendary


Stake Together, Earn More: Each upgraded Outcast earns more daily $DRAMA. The more holders who stake, the more you earn. Team work makes the dream work.
Game Twitter, not the Tokenomics: Unlike most tokens with a traditional halving model, the distribution of $DRAMA decreases on a linear curve with specific triggers tied to the amount of Outcasts staked & upgrades.
Find out exactly how much you earn through staking here.

Utility - Part II

Top Secret: We are entertainers — we’ve produced high quality content that has entertained the entire Solana ecosystem with our asshole principal, Mr. Limerick. Our roadmap is hush-hush for now — but will extend the utility of $DRAMA into the Hollywood arena…