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III. How do I earn $DRAMA?

How do I earn $DRAMA?

To earn $DRAMA, the rules are simple: be funny & creative AF. In shit-posts, Twitter Spaces, Discord activities, etc. All entertainment contributed to the Solana ecosystem deserves $DRAMA.
We've designed a bot in partnership with HeyWallet that allows for instant distribution of $DRAMA to the funniest bozos on Crypto Twitter.

Grading Rubric

We reward both the most creative shit-posters & passive holders alike. Create drama, earn $DRAMA. Or stake your Outcast NFT for daily $DRAMA. Your choice. Here's a quick FAQ:

Creation AND Curation

The awarding of $DRAMA is not tied to clout & virality alone. This could be easily botted or cheated. We’ve built a nomination system — when you see a funny tweet, tag the 🎭 $DRAMA twitter bot & our calculator will do the rest. Nominators receive a 10% commission of awarded $DRAMA.
It pays to be a curator, not just a creator – of quality content.
Quality > Quantity: This is not NFTInspect. Whether you’re a big influencer or a first-time memoor, you have an equal chance to earn $DRAMA.
Rules: Be funny, not an asshole. FUD is welcome, but creative memes will earn more.