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What's $DRAMA?

$DRAMA is an SPL Token (Solana Network) created with the purpose of – as you might’ve guessed – rewarding drama. As crypto twitter continues to grow in scale, we’ve developed a mechanism to systematically reward entertaining Twitter drama with – as you might’ve guessed again – $DRAMA.
Token Address: 3ba26vEuRSLTd6GmDGQsrLWkRp1VRXdHoUeum3k4tSuF


Maximum Supply: 25,000,000 $DRAMA
Starting Supply: 250,000 $DRAMA awarded pre-mint to the best shit-posters & memoors on Crypto Twitter.
Summary: $DRAMA is emitted into four pools: (1) Staking Pool, (2) Twitter Pool (3) Voting and Engagement Pool and (4) Project Treasury. Read more in the Token Pools section.
Weekly Distributions: $DRAMA is emitted from the supply every week, which reduces based on an increasingly small % of the remaining total supply. This gives $DRAMA a 2-year emission cycle, with the most being distributed in Week 1 and reducing over time.