Outcast Academy
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I. Token Pools

$DRAMA Weekly Allocation:

  • 65% - Staking NFTs
  • 15% - Shitposting & Nominating
  • 10% - Voting & Engagement Actions
  • 10% - Treasury Allocation

Staking Pool

The $DRAMA Staking Pool is to reward holders of Outcast Academy NFTs via staking. Users will be able to stake their NFTs to passively yield $DRAMA rewards as outlined below:
  • Common Class: Earns max 10 $DRAMA per day.
  • Uncommon Class: Earns max 15 $DRAMA per day.
  • Rare Class: Earns max 20 $DRAMA per day.
  • Legendary Class: Earns max 40 $DRAMA per day.
Variable Staking: The amount earned through staking fluctuates — it is based on % of Outcasts staked, the class of those staked, and the amount of tokens delegated towards staking per week. In the beginning, rewards distributed through staking increase as more people stake and upgrade their NFTs. When all upgrades are completed, the rewards start to decrease. Early birds get the worm.
Our Staking Algorithm: The following is an example of our formula to reward $DRAMA for 1 Common Outcast staking per day:
[((Total # of NFTs Staked * # of Common NFTs Staked) / Total NFT Supply * Max $DRAMA/day/rarity]

Twitter Pool

Before mint, we’ve allocated 250,000 $DRAMA to the the Twitter Pool, dedicated to $DRAMA nominations via Twitter and Twitter Rewards. Similarly to staking, the amount earned from shit-posting will reduce at a linear rate over time.
The Grading System: We have a playful & rigorous grading system for shitposts that award participants as follows.
  • Tier System:
    • A+ Students: receive 1500 $DRAMA
    • A Students: receive 500 $DRAMA
    • B Students: receive 250 $DRAMA
    • C Students: receive 100 $DRAMA
    • D Students: receive 50 $DRAMA
    • F Students: receive 25 $DRAMA
Don't earn for your shit-post? Don't be bummed out, degen. Try again! The @DRAMAReward bot loves a good comeback story.

How do I nominate someone for $DRAMA rewards?

In partnership with Hey Wallet, anybody can nominate tweets for $DRAMA & earn a 10% commission. To nominate someone, simply tag the @DramaReward bot on Twitter. More about that here.

Voting & Engagement Pool

Future Streams to earn $DRAMA: The following streams are in development to reward the most engaged Outcast holders with $DRAMA.
  • Voting-to-Earn: Holders who participate in monthly votes in the Student Council AKA DAO will earn $DRAMA.
  • Shit-Post Bounties: Memoors & content creators will be able to earn $DRAMA by creating custom memes for Outcast Academy and other NFT projects.
  • Storytelling / Lore: Engaging in character with our teachers and shaping the IP of the school will lead to more $DRAMA rewards.
Until these streams are activated, the remaining weekly allocation of $DRAMA will go toward shit-posters & nominators.

Project Treasury

The Project Treasury is not allocated to the founders, the team, or any individual member. The purpose of the Project Treasury is to develop new use cases for $DRAMA in alignment with our project’s goals.

How does the Project Treasury get allocated?

We allocate 10% of weekly emissions to the Project Treasury. All spent $DRAMA on upgrades & other utilities will return to the Treasury to fund future earning streams & marketing models to sustain the ecosystem.